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  • Odenza Vacations is a vacation rewards company. We build vacation ‘gifts and rewards’.Your promotional vacation offer is clearly described in the Details of the program (Terms and Conditions). Please save a copy of these program details for your future reference!
  • In order to avoid the frustration of waiting in the voice-mail line-up, Odenza has designed a user-friendly web process that is totally secure. Please read all your instructions carefully regarding your program and note that they are designed specifically for your program.

Odenza Vacations - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why can't I speak to a travel agent immediately?
A. Our team of travel agents are very busy working with guests that have completed the required information specific to each of our promotional travel programs. Once you have completed the various pieces of information pertaining to the promotional travel program that you have, you will be assigned to your own personal travel agent who can then work with you to provide you with all the information needed to finalize your vacation. Please follow the steps listed on the terms and conditions of your travel program so we can get you on your way.
Q. What is this travel certificate that I’m holding?
A. Congratulations you have been given the gift of a vacation! Read the terms and conditions and you will see exactly what you are entitled to. Please take note of the certificate code and number as these are unique to you and ensure the confidentiality of all your correspondence. You can also use this certificate to customize a vacation to suit your needs – your travel agent would advise you of any additional charges once you are working with them to finalize your vacation.
Q. How do I use this travel certificate?
A. Odenza has designed a user-friendly web system that is linked to your certificate. Just follow the instructions to use your certificate! Please take note of the timelines in the instructions.
Q. Will my personal information be secure?
A. Odenza totally respects the information submitted. Please click here for our Privacy Policy.
Q. How do I make a vacation selection? Are there blackout periods?
A. This web system, together with the specific details on your certificate will guide you through the vacation you are entitled to. All vacations offered are subject to Odenza’s promotional availability and inventory (allotments). During peak seasons, peak travel days or periods, major holidays, or when allotments are full, additional charges may have to apply. We reserve the right to offer alternate travel dates and/or destinations.
Q. What if I want to vacation for longer than the period indicated on my certificate?
A. Odenza vacations is pleased to offer you a number of ways to extend your vacation offer. You can add extra days before or after the vacation specified in this certificate or add more time to a planned vacation: you can also add other vacation features like airfare, attraction passes, car rentals, travel insurance, more family members etc. Just let your travel agent know this information. Once you have completed the required information for your program and you are working with a travel agent they will be able to help you with any of your custom requests.
Q. How long is this certificate valid?
A. Look at the Terms and Conditions for your specific program that you are holding for the registration expiry date or the certificate expiry date. Generally our programs are valid for 12 – 24 months depending upon your specific program. However, many programs require that you register your promotional certificate prior to the registration deadline. If you do not register your certificate prior to this deadline your certificate will no longer be valid for promotional travel. Please note that in addition to completing the online information we will need to receive that original validation card that is part of your certificate. We will not be able to accept copies or faxes (unless specifically stated in the terms of your specific program) and we do not accept postmarks.
Q. When/How do I get my deposit back?
A. Should you need to secure your reservation with a deposit, this is held in trust for you until the reservation is complete. You can request that your deposit be returned after travel is complete. Please allow thirty (30) days for processing time and your deposit to be mailed back to you. In the event you decide not to travel at all and travel was never booked you can request your deposit back. Please note that once travel has been booked fees will apply to cancel or change your reservation. In addition some guests choose to use their deposit towards vacation upgrades. Once this deposit has been applied to fees or upgrades it is no longer refundable.
Q. Are there any more fees?
A. Depending on the nature of your vacation certificate, industry taxes like hotel, airline, cruise port charges, government taxes and fees, fuel supplements and travel insurance might apply in addition to processing fees. They are subject to changes in the industry. Odenza travel agents will brief you at the time of making your booking.

I have read these FAQ's and understand the terms and conditions that are supplied with my promotional certificate, in addition I have also read the FAQ's listed above.

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